Vol 3 Issue 4 April 2013

A Study Of Marketing Of Services In Hotel Industry With Special Reference To Selected Units In Kolhapur And Sangli City

  • Prof. N.J.Chavan
  • Dr. V.M. Chavan
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New product introduction process and competitive benchmarking with Special reference to caterpillar 40/50t off-highway trucks

  • G.Saravanan
  • Dr.P.Vikkraman
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Corporate Sustainability – An Effective Tool To Retain And Motivate Best Professionals

  • Deepa Anant Karandikar
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Developing Government Debt Securities System: The Case of Latvia

  • Mr. Ivars Avotins
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The Clandestine Behind Successful Women Entrepreneurship: A Study in Udaipur City

  • Dr. Pallavi Mehta
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The Key Role of Innovative Human Resource Management Practices In Indian IT Industry

  • M.Ravisankar
  • Dr.K.Sakthivendan
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A Study on Economic Value Added and Market Value Added with reference to Kesoram Cement

  • Dr.T.Sobhba Rani
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