Vol 2 Issue 8 August 2012

An exploratory study on rural and urban schools- A general view

  • Ms. Dhanalakshmi K
  • MR. Vijay kumar C
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Employee job involvement and sense of participation influence on job satisfaction: An empirical evidence

  • Dr. Nazir Ahmad Gilkar
  • Javid Ahmad Darzi
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HRM Practices in employee development, employee-turnover, retention and effective compensation

  • Dr. Balaji V
  • Balachandran A
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Motivation Practices in Textile Industry – A Study with Reference to Madurai District

  • Dr. Selvakumar M
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Need of Emotional Intelligence to reduce the stress level in professional life

  • N.Kumaraguru
  • Dr.N.Panchanatham
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Service quality in fashion designing

  • Arun kumar.G
  • Manjunath S.J
  • Shivashankar K.C
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Shift Work: Evaluation of Employee’s Physical well being and its Impact on Quality of Life

  • Rakhshinda Siraj
  • Dr.Ravichandran N
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Ensuring Seamless Improvement in Marketing Performance through Sales Force Competence Management

  • Asiegbu, Ikechukwu F
  • Nwibere, Barinedum M
  • Ubani, Vincent OJ
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