November vol 4 issue 11

A Study on Service Quality Dimensions and Customer Satisfaction with Reference to Banks in Chennai

*Dr. D. Maria Ponreka **Mrs. Janet Glory M C

Analysis of the Acquisition of Model Group by AB InBev

*José G. Vargas-hernández

Empirical Study of Consumer Perception and Buying Intentions for Eco Friendly Products

*Prof. Dr. Hari Sundar.G.Ram **Prof. Dr. D. Sudha Rani Ravindran

Facebook Insights for Implementing Social CRM

*Dr. Musfiq Mannan Choudhury

Health insurance Challenges and Opportunities in India

*Prof. D N Panigrahi

Role of Emotional Intelligence in Developing Organizational Culture

*Prof. Bhawna Chahar **Dr. Saleena Khan ***Dr. Surekha Rana

Strategic Thinking as a Critical Factor of Business Competitiveness

*José G. Vargas-Hernández **José Octavio Estrada Sánchez