June -Vol 1 Issue 1 (Introductory Issue)

Internal Obstacles To Quality For Small Scale Enterprises

  • Abhijit Chakraborty
  • Sudip Kr. Deb
  • Ranjan Bhattacharya
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Rural Market in India: Some Opportunities and Challenges..

  • Anil Kumar S. Hagargi
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Consumer Behaviour - The Controllables & Uncontrollables

  • G.Vani
  • M.Ganesh Babu
  • Dr.N.Panchanatham
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A Study on changing consumer Preferences Towards Organized Retailing From Unorganized Retailing.

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Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Emotional Intelligence of IT Executives

  • A.Karthikeyan
  • Dr.A.Rajamohan
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